Semi-Framed Robes

Semi-Framed Robes

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Discover the practical elegance of Ultimate Shower Screens’ Semi-Framed Robe System, a perfect blend of style and functionality for those who love the look of frameless robes but prefer less maintenance.

The slimline frame design allows for door operation without touching the glass, minimising the need for frequent cleaning of fingerprints. This system marries the aesthetic of frameless designs with the practical benefits of semi-framed construction.

Our Semi-Framed Robe System is crafted for both style and functionality, featuring a discreet frame that keeps the modern, clean look intact. Perfect for any bedroom or dressing area, this solution offers a stylish, practical, and low-maintenance option for organising your wardrobe with ease.

  • Stylish
  • Classic design
  • Fewer fingerprints
  • Easy to clean
  • Small minimal frame

  • No grab rail
  • Limited inserts (glass or mirror only)