Micro Framed Mirrors

Micro Framed Mirrors

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Discover the subtle charm of our Micro Framed mirrors, designed to add just the right amount of depth to your bathroom. These mirrors strike the perfect balance between the sleekness of frameless designs and the distinct accent of traditional frames. The Micro Frame wraps around the mirror with a delicate touch, offering a refined edge that enhances the mirror’s presence and depth without overwhelming the space.

Each Micro Framed Mirror is custom-crafted to fit your bathroom’s unique style and dimensions, ensuring a seamless addition to your decor. This minimal framing technique brings a modern twist to classic elegance, providing a sophisticated yet understated focal point. Ideal for those looking to subtly elevate their bathroom’s aesthetic, Ultimate Shower Screens’ micro-framed mirrors introduce a hint of depth and sophistication, making them a perfect choice for any contemporary home.

  • Stylish
  • Modern and sophisticated  look
  • Creates depth
  • Less bulky

  • Longer manufacturing time
  • Can’t be cut out of square